Welcome to The Olive Tree!

For the most part, almost all the posts here in this site are related to humanity and human rights in one way or another, usually about Palestine and the middle east, but sometimes adding other issues of the subject are just as important I think.


Systematically being pro-Palestinian does not mean ‘anti-Semitic’ by nature, being anti-Zionist isn’t either but does oppose the lack of values imposed on the people of Palestine every day and night by the Ashkenazi Jewish Zionist Militia, Benjamin Netanyahu’s minions, for lack of better words.

The main reason I write about other parts of the world is simple, the world really does revolve around the Apartheid State of Israel, and at this time Zionism rules The Holy Land, and brutally occupies Palestine, as well.


But some day soon Palestine will be free and human rights will conquer the ideology of Zionism, insha Allah.